Native American Navajo Dine Hand Woven Wool Biil Dress

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Here is a rare Authentic Native American Navajo Dine Hand Woven Wool Biil Dress Shirt. It measures 42 inches long and the ends measure 28 inches wide. These dresses were worn everyday by Diné women in the past, and today for special occasions only. The design and color is just the best of the best. The condition is amazing, a museum quality item. The weave is perfect, pattern is symmetrical and color is vivid. Piece has been very well kept and it would make an amazing display piece or framed in glass as the condition is exceptional. The weave is very tight. Item has no holes and no damage. Please email any questions.

These types of dresses were originally created by sewing together two identical handspun, finely woven wool panels, this side-seam style bííl dress dates to the 1700s when two deer hides were sewn together. In the 1880s, Navajo women began using commercial dyes in lieu of blue clay, indigo, and cochineal. The woven symbols represent sacred elements in the Navajo cosmos such as mountains, water sources and clouds, and the woman wearing the bííl would embody the female attributes of those elements.


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