Pre Columbian Native American Salado Coil Pottery Bowl 1250-1450 CE Very Good

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Here is an ancient Pre Columbian Native American Salado Red Corrugated Smudged Coil Pottery Bowl. It dates from 1250-1450 CE. It was recovered from the Roosevelt Basin, Arizona region in accordance with all State and Federal Regulations. It is a coil pot with a pinch design creating the corrugated ridges and the inside is smudged black from pit firing. This bowl shows signs of daily use but is in fantastic condition for pieces from this period. It measures 4 1/4 Inches tall x 8 inches across. The bowl has minimal loss to the rim and overall overall is 99.5% complete with no repairs. It has a small hairline crack at the rim were the rim is chipped, the crack only extends about an inch into the bowl and stops. It is very stable and strong. Would make a beautiful add on to any collection as it is a rare ancient piece in great condition. Please message any questions.
Story of the Salado Natives:
Two thousand years ago, the Salado Indian people who were living in the Tonto Basin area of Arizona were sophisticated gathering and hunting people. In addition, they were also raising a few crops, primarily corn with some beans and cotton. Like other hunting and gathering people of this time period, they did not live in isolation, but had wide-spread interactions with the other Indian people of the Southwest.Genetically, these early Tonto Basin residents were related to the Sinagua People and the Ancestral Puebloan People to the north.


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